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Slipknot | Lamb of God | Jiffy Lube Live, VA

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Lamb Of God

LOG_32 copyI am so excited to see these guys back on the scene and on tour in support of their latest album, “VII: Sturm und Drang.” They opened their set strong with “Walk with me in Hell,” as soon as they hit their opening guitar riff the crowd exploded. Everyone was packed in the pit chanting side by side with vocalist, Randy Blythe. As their set progressed they played a good mix of songs throughout their discography and featured a couple off the new album including “Still Echoes” and “512,” and ending their set with fan favorite, “Redneck.” They put on a great, high-energy show and definitely got the crowed hyped for Slipknot’s set.



Slipknot_32 copyAlso just having released a new album, “.5 the grey chapter” earlier this year, Slipknot is back on the road with a killer support system. After listening to the new album and catching their set earlier this summer at Carolina Rebellion, I was stoked to see their headlining set and see what they had in store. As their curtains opened with XIX playing over the loud speakers, one by one vocalist Corey Taylor and the boys made their way to the forefront, the music stopped and they came in with the intro to Sarcastrophe and they were off. It was like an explosion, everyone went running in opposite directions. The thing I love so much about slipknot is they have such bold personalities and they really don’t hold back on stage and its infectious. Everyone in the venue that night was up, on their feet, moshing, singing along and having a great time. I highly encourage everyone to go check them out, if nothing else their show is a kick ass, in your face experience.

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